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This is an attempt at creating a personal blog, feeding the new blogging fad. It started tonight as a silly idea. No idea where it'll go. Nowhere, probably.

The new toy... E61i
Wednesday, November 14, 2007 | comments

I have not posted in centuries, but I don't think anybody's noticed. Heck, I didn't remember my blog, which has gotten a whole... what? 10 visits since it was created? So this will be another quick post to introduce my new toy, the E61i, which I just bought while in NYC. As you can see from my previous posts, I gave Windows Mobile once again a try, but I keep coming back to Symbian Series 60 devices.

Most people can't tell the difference between the E61 and the E61i and that's because they're really not that different. The E61i is considerably slimmer, has a gorgeous case made of a different, shinier metal, adds a 2MP camera, 2 extra keys and has a different keyboard layout, but that's where the significant differences end.

Maybe I will post more on this phone soon... or maybe not. After all, am I not the only person who reads my blog? :)


E61i vs. E61:

There's the camera (a very welcome addition):