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This is an attempt at creating a personal blog, feeding the new blogging fad. It started tonight as a silly idea. No idea where it'll go. Nowhere, probably.

Why I love my new Nokia E61 cell phone.

Have I mentioned I love my Nokia E61? Think of a feature you'd like in a phone... Any feature. Um... Well, no, not that one. A phone will never be able to do that. Other than that, however, the E61 has it.

Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition (Symbian rocks!)... QWERTY keyboard... TFT screen with 16 million colors (sharp!)... quad-band... EDGE... 3G UMTS (2100 MHz band, so its no use here in the U.S., unfortunately)... Wi-Fi... Bluetooth with every protocol imaginable... Infrared (what's that, anyways?)... push e-mail (through BlackBerry Connect, Seven, Goodlink, Visto and MS Exchange)... speakerphone... streaming video... push-to-talk... VPN... VoIP/SIP... 75 MB of RAM... miniSD expansion slot... MP3 ringtones... and the best full HTML Web browser in the industry!

No idea what some of those features are? Feel free to write me and I'll gladly explain in Lehman's terms or link you somewhere.

Oh, wait... It has no camera. The E61 is geared towards business professionals and many large corporations do not allow cameras. I must admit I miss the 1.3 MP awesome camera in my Nokia 6682, but this [not so] little gizmo is keeping me quite entertained.

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